Video Testimonials

"You really don't learn to see until you understand this ancient, secret, mysterious grid that's behind all great works of art."
Susan N.
NC, USA Artist
"When I was challenged with what it means to interpret, read and analyze the old master; I found myself starting to read their thoughts."
Delicia V.
South African Painter
 "Core80, for me, was a life changing experience. It's like visiting the mind of the masters when they were at the job."
Ivy R.
Indian Painter
 "You got into the artist's head! It was amazing, it was exciting. I connected to masters in a way I never have before."
Lori C.
PA, USA Painter
 "I would recommend the course to artists who want to produce their art to the highest compositional standards."
Julie C.
Australian Painter
 "Now for the first time I am able to read and understand the work of the old masters."
Terry S.H.
South African Painter