Read First



  • WATCH the lesson videos.

  • SELECT artwork from the List of Approved Masters.
  • List is found in the Course Resource section.
  • Select 5 images from one master or one image from five masters.

  • DIAGRAM over the images the Art-Design strategy.
  • Use a program like Photoshop if you're using a computer.
  • If you do not have a program use the Free Photo Editing Tools found in the Class Resource section.
  • If you print out the art, print it in black and white. No color.
  • You can also use tracing paper or a plexiglass to diagram.


If you are seeking feedback services, we can make arrangements for you to be assigned an Alumni Advisor or to work with Don Victor directly. Call (610) 927-5791 or email Don Victor at [email protected] with the subject line : Alumni Advisor.


Before enrolling into the Art-Design course take a minute and do the free ( ungraded ) Art-Design Assessment. This assessment serves as a starting point. Evaluations are posted through the course. The assessment reveals where you are starting. The evaluations reveal where you have come and what you've learned.