Why should you take this course?

Here is what illustrator, Dena Ackerman, shared with her friends on Facebook.

How would you feel walking into the world's most BEAUTIFUL library... but you don't know how to read??

This is how many people feel in an art museum: awe-struck, thirsty... knowing that you are surrounded by priceless treasures... but having a bit of trouble understanding what you're looking at, and what makes it so freakin' great.

So listen up! I'm literally jumping with excitement for the way your life is about to change!! 😳🤩

A couple years ago, I took a course online by Don Victor that changed the way I look at and create art. Don Victor is a mentor and friend of mine. He is also the world’s leading authority on applied-composition and art-design. He's literally a genius at teaching people how to read the Master artists and illustrators, and teaching artists how to use the same tools to create Great Art themselves.

The online course is now FREE.

Are you an artist? GRAB IT!!

Do you appreciate art, or WANT to appreciate art? GRAB IT!!

It will change your relationship with art forever. I promise. 🙏

...Also, you'll stop saying dumb things like, "Well, artists don't need math." 😂


Watch the videos. Do the exercises (zero art skills needed). If you’re really serious about it, you can pay for feedback. Thank me later!

Grab it now. Click "FREE GIFT" below.

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Mission: The Academy of Composition transmits the enduring principles and language of Classic Art. This empowers both art makers and admirers to communicate their artistic experiences with authority and clarity in a world that hungers for beauty and meaning.